Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 26th - 28th, 2012

A daily issue in our house is the dishwasher. Not so much that it doesn't get run, Daniel's very good about that, it's just sometimes I can't tell if it's clean or dirty because Daniel pre-washes all the dishes like a weirdo. So, I came up with a system on the 26th which I may have subconsciously stolen from my sister.


However, I maintain independence from complete plagiarism because my system has a post-it and hers does not. You buyin' that?

On the 27th someone delivered a ridiculous calendar to my boss.

The bird one. I put the normal sized calendar next to it so you could take in how ridiculously oversized this calendar is. Plus, it has birds in it. I don't like birds, they freak me out. In general I do not like things that can fly in my face. I'm lookin' at you, butterflies.

Seriously though, fuck butterflies, I hate them.

Last night, on the 28th, I went to get Chinese food and stumbled onto this.

The Christmas Market is open in downtown Ansbach! I didn't have a chance to shop, but I did enjoy looking around. This is one thing I will actually miss when we leave Germany, and that is saying something.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 23rd - 25th, 2012

The day after taco Thanksgiving we had late Thanksgiving at my sister, Emily's, house. We ate real Thanksgiving food and not tacos, which was very good. But, the best part was what Emily and I did after.

We went to a German movie theater to see Twilight. I was expecting to have to wait until mid-December to see it, because that's when it comes to our theater. Getting to see any movie in a timely manner after it's released is an unknown luxury over here, so this was awesome. That's not to say I won't see it again when it comes to the on-post theater, but it was nice to see it early.

On the 24th it was back to cat time.

Apparently Bootstrap makes a good pillow. Although, Bootstrap seems to think I make a good pillow, too.

I took the picture for today, the 25th, at 2 am, so it counts. Apparently this is how my animals sleep at night.

My little pet family.

I've been thinking of getting another bed so they can spread out, but I kinda like them all snuggling together. It's adorable.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

November 20th - 22nd, 2012

Usually when I open the bathroom door after having successfully barred the cats from entry I find them on the other side, waiting for me like creepers. On the 20th I found them doing this.

Wrestling outside the door. Weirdos.

On the 21st I noticed their weird eating habits. These two photos happened in quick succession.

One eats, the other one eats. This video might say it better:

Finally, Thanksgiving dinner.

Tacos. Daniel is working, we're having real Thanksgiving tomorrow. I'm not too concerned about it, Thanksgiving isn't my favorite holiday. I'd be really pissed if he was working on Christmas.

Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19th, 2012

Late this morning I got a picture text from my husband.

He followed this up by writing, "I raised a wussy."

He is, of course, referring to Barnacle, who likes to snuggle with cats. Personally, I love this picture, because it shows that my pets love each other, and I tried very hard to make that happen. I got my pets in the order and ages I did so that they would bond and not hate each other. They do fight/wrestle, but sometimes they snuggle, too.

Also today...

Hey, I lasted until almost Thanksgiving this year. Last year it was November 1st. Growth!

We don't have a tree yet because we have to buy a pre-lit tree, hopefully next week.

But! I did hang the stockings.

By the radiator with care. Watched over by Max and the Grinch.

We're festive around here.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 14th - 18th, 2012

On the 14th we went to collect Barnacle from his vacation. He went crazy upon seeing us, as I'm sure he assumed he was taking up new residence at the kennel.

Once he found his bed, however, he promptly passed out.

On the 15th, Daniel got his new school book. Yes, my brilliant husband is going to school - 'cause he's awesome. The book, however, is a little...odd.

It's a little prison gay. I mean, what's with the picture? I don't get it, but Daniel gets to tear through it next month. I assume he has to wear a wife beater to read the book, though, so I'm stocking up.

On the 16th nothing much happened, so I took another picture of snuggling.

They love each other so.

Yesterday, the 17th, Barnacle went crazy and Daniel let him.

This was the only picture that was mostly in focus because Barnacle was jumping around like a freak.

Finally, today I found one of the last trees clinging to leaves. And berries, actually.

Soon it'll be dead like all the other trees. I'm such an optimist.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 6th - 13th, 2012

On the 6th I did a Day in the Life. Basically I took pictures throughout the day of all the mundane things I do. If you would like to see the whole thing, you can go here:

But, here's one picture from that day.

Getting dark at 4:30. Set your timer to seasonal depression, yo.

On the 7th, Words With Friends was very, very wrong.

The knights who say Ni would strongly disagree, Words With Friends.

On the 8th there was snuggling.

Unfortunately, not for me. Only for Bootstrap and Daniel.

On the 9th, we got the hell outta Ansbach.

So, we fled to the Alps. We had a room with an awesome view and we lucked out with the weather for the first few days.

On the 10th, we visited one of King Ludwig's palaces.

This is Linderhof Palace. We had a mostly private tour because in the English tour group Daniel and I were the only two people (besides the tour guide) who spoke English. So basically we got left alone in rooms a lot while the guide put on Spanish tour CDs in the other rooms. It was pretty nice, we got more time to look at stuff.

On the 11th, the fog rolled in.

Rain and fog were our constant companions from Sunday on, so we bummed around the hotel - I got a facial and Daniel went to the gym like a dork.

On the 12th we visited another palace.

Nymphenburg in Munich. It was ok, I preferred Linderhof. But it was freakin' huge.

Finally, yesterday Daniel and I celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary.

A little out of focus, but we had a good dinner at a castle, because we are Sooo fancy.

Monday, November 5, 2012

November 1st - 5th, 2012

Living in Germany is not as glamorous as it sounds. Schnitzel? It's not that good. It's actually a little bit gross. Plus, in Germany, you can't always get the things you want. Take for instance, my pop. I drink caffeine-free diet coke, I've been drinking it for awhile. I was always able to get it at the commissary, but I haven't been able to get it for a month, so the commissary has been actively contributing to my bloating.

I love my Dr. Pepper but it's not good that I've been drinking it for a month. I've made a habit of not weighing myself but I'm sure it's made me gain a couple pounds. If only diet Dr. Pepper didn't taste like ASS. Those commercials are crap, it does NOT taste like regular Dr. Pepper. At all.

On the 2nd I made tacos.

I also made refried beans, so I decided to document the best part about making refried beans: mashing it down so it's not can-shaped anymore.

Also on the second, I was surrounded.

Bootstrap decided to crowd my lap, and Admiral waited on the outskirts.

On the 3rd, the cats surrounded each other.

Weirdos, I tell ya.

Also on the 3rd, Bootstrap lounged.

Just completely comfortable that way, I guess, 'cause he didn't move for a long time.

Again on the 3rd, Barnacle decided to be a weirdo.

He was walking around like this for an hour. In case you're wondering why his face looks like that, he had a chunk of bone in his mouth. He was walking around and moaning because he couldn't figure out where to bury/hide it. He eventually started trying to dig in his crate.

On the 4th I made zucchini rolls.

They were delicious. I hadn't had them for almost a year, so I guess it was time.

Finally, today I made my first ever grown-up donation.

I was made the CFC representative for my work, so today I sat down and made my donation. After much thought and consideration I chose an animal charity and a children's charity. I feel like Such a philanthropist.

Also today, I made a fancy meal.

Goat cheese stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon. Everyone knows that any time you wrap something in bacon it becomes classier. Just ask water chestnuts.