Friday, December 21, 2012

December 20th - 21st, 2012

On the 20th I proved that I am sincerely impatient. I opened my Mom's Christmas present to me pretty much immediately after picking it up from our mailbox. I did this for two reasons: 1, I am a child, and 2, I wanted the towels and especially the 4 cookies, of which I have eaten 2 already. I'm sure the rest won't be here by Christmas.

Anyway, Bootstrap quickly took advantage of my present in his peculiar way.

He immediately climbed in and made himself at home, while Admiral sat idly by.

Today, after a merry-go-round of a gift being left at work, at someone's home, et cetera, I finally got my present and it's awesome.

A wax melter! It is awesome because it makes the whole apartment smell awesome, and there's no flames so my husband can't tell me I'm going to start the house on fire.

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