Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 24th - 26th, 2012

On the 24th I celebrated Christmas eve with my sister and her family and we took this picture.

It was a good night, involving Christmas movies and turkey and then Baileys. The only drawback was when my sister and brother-in-law gave Daniel a shirt that says YOLO, basically ensuring that he never stops saying that, ever. Kill me.

On the 25th I filled up a bath and went to get my book, I came back to this - in succession.

Admiral, first playing with the water and then flip-falling into it. Needless to say he freaked out. He doesn't seem to mind his paws wet, but being submerged is a whole other ballgame. A hilarious ballgame.

I guess I could've taken a picture of something Christmas-ey on Christmas, but I didn't. Instead I took another picture of the cats

Sitting side by side. Admiral is almost full grown. Sigh.

Finally, today the animals had some prison talk.

Mostly they discussed how much sun bathing they could achieve in this odd corner of the house.

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